1.) What is the Best Roof System?
1.) It depends on several facts;
1. use of building.
2. slope of the structural deck.
3. climate / region.
4. Roof Traffic.
5. Roof Top Equipment.

2.) Do reflective Roofs Save energy?
2.) It Depends on the Building 

3.) Is it necessary to have a warranty? 
3.) Most roof warranties offer more protection to the roofer and manufacturer than the building owner.

6.) do i need to maintain my roof?
6.) Yes, Preventive maintenance is the cheapest thing you can do the achieve or exceed  the life expectancy of your roof

7.) How many Bids Should i get for my roof replacement?
7.) You Should first have a detailed specification to establish a standard and use it to get three bids

4.) Can my Roof be repaired?
4.) Yes, a roof can most often can be repaired.

5.) How much does a roof cost?
) It depends on many factors;
-Stage of the roof.
-The number of roofs that are on the Building.
-Access of the roof.
-The type of roof.
-The amount of penetration and equipment.

8.) Should i use a roof Consultant?
8.) Yes, a good roof consultant will pay for the 

10.) Should i hire an architect? 
No, Most architects know very little about roofs. 

9.) What is the life expectancy of a low slope roof?
9.) The industry state 8-12 Years, 30 years ago low slope roofs had a life expectancy of 25+ years. Roofs can match the life of the building if the roof is properly    

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